Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.


Candelilla wax light-yellow

This wax originates from the blossoms and stems of the Mexican Candelilla shrub (Euphorbia antisyphilitica). In the food production industry, it is permitted as a release agent and coating, and is considered indispensable. In comparison to beeswax, candelilla wax is significantly harder, however it does not reach the degree of hardness that carnauba wax has. Candelilla wax is often utilized as a component to be mixed with other waxes. Furthermore, candelilla wax is used in the production of lacquers and varnishes.

Art.-No.capacitypackaging unit
404361200 gflakes/container
404362400 gflakes/container