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Pressure Blasting Device Vario Primus KE 25 Liter

The high-performance PRIMUS offers compact blasting technology for various applications and is suitable for use with all akablast powders. Its removable lid enables the material to be replaced quickly. A special valve allows the powder to be dosed optimally and precisely. A double-membrane pressure regulator has been integrated so that the pressure can be adjusted smoothly.

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Made available by:
Schmidt Sandstrahltechnik GmbH
Oberdorfstraße 6
91747 Westheim
Tel.: 09082 9680-0
Fax: 09082 9680-30


The Pressure Blasting Device can be operated with nozzles of various sizes and shapes. It's also possible to use a wide-angle blasting nozzle.


Dimensions / Data
Volume: 25 l
Tank diameter: 240 mm
Total diameter: 650 mm
Total height: 880 mm
Pressure: Blast tank ventilation max. 8 bar
Weight: 35 kg
Pipework: ½"
Designed for: akablast fine
akablast extra fine
akablast white fine
white extra fine
akablast hard
(when used with a wideangle nozzle and 1" tube)
  • Blast tank ventilation, progressively variable pressure 0–8 bars
  • High performance centrifugal separator
  • Integrated sieve
  • Compressed air turbine vibrator to prevent blockage
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Up to 30 % reduction in blast media consumption
  • Easy to clean with removable lid
  • Blast media can be replaced very fast
  • In addition to akablast, all standard blast media such as slag, special cleaning granules, calcite powder, glass beads, etc. may also be used.
  • Moisture build-up is prevented by the constant impact of the compressed air.
  • Sharp blast regulation during discharge – no remaining material residue
  • Able to be turned on and off quickly in short intervals
  • Mini TPT blast nozzle with turbo-effect as either a cylindrical or wide-angle nozzle