Systematic Dry Cleaning for the Preservation of Monuments, for Paintings, and for Artistic Objects with Diverse Surfaces.

    23.02.2023 | DOG supports cultural property protection in Ukraine

    In cooperation with the KulturGutRetter initiative, we sent a large donation of high-performance AKA products for the dry cleaning and restoration of cultural assets to Ukraine in January 2023.

    Ukraine is a country with a rich cultural heritage. These include unique historical buildings, monuments and art objects. Due to the current situation on the ground, many of these cultural assets have already been destroyed or need to be protected. To support their reconstruction or preservation, we donated numerous AKA products for dry cleaning and restoration at the end of January.

    The products were sent to Berlin. From there, the initiative KulturGutRetter organised the onward transport. The initiative, which includes the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), the Leibniz Centre for Archaeology (LEIZA) and the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), has a good logistics network to get aid supplies for cultural preservation to Ukraine quickly and efficiently. The AKA products are distributed there to museums, archives and other cultural institutions and sites in the country.

    We hope that with our donation we have been able to make a contribution to the preservation of Europe's important cultural heritage.

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